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An Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) application allows you to watch live TV shows and streaming video content over an Internet connection. Unlike cable or satellite television, IPTV uses a data transmission protocol over the Internet to deliver content to your screen.

When you use an IPTV app, you can access a list of live TV channels or on-demand content, which you can watch in real time or delayed. To access these contents, you generally need to have a subscription to an IPTV service, which will provide you with a username and password to log into the application.

RoomIPTV is among the best applications available on LG smart TVs and Samsung smart TVs, it is also available on Android and IOS, the Room IPTV application is known for the speed and stability of the stream.

When you launch the IPTV app, you can choose the channel or content you want to watch from a proposed list, and the video stream will be sent to your device via the Internet. The IPTV app can be installed on a variety of devices, such as computers, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs or IPTV set-top boxes.

It is important to note that not all IPTV applications are legal and use of some IPTV services may violate copyright laws. It is therefore recommended to find out about the laws in force in your country before using an IPTV application and choosing legitimate and authorized IPTV services.

How to install and configure the ROOM IPTV application

Room iptv
  • Turn off the Smart TV. Remember to connect your TV to an Internet network (required), in order to download the application.
  • Go to Smart Hub. In the center of your remote control, click on the multi-colored symbol located in the middle of the screen. This button is called Smart Hub. This takes you to My Programs.
  • Click Samsung Apps. Using the arrows on the remote, navigate to My Apps, then click the button in the middle of the arrows to select Samsung Apps.
  • search IPTV
Room iptv
  • Press Install.
  • When you are on the application page, please choose Download, then Install and finally Launch. That’s it, the ROOM IPTV software is installed on your Samsung TV.
Room iptv

How to add your IPTV subscription to your application?

Below, you will find out how to download the m3u link of your iptv subscription for the Room iptv application via the official website from your MAC address in any browser, it’s very simple.

Proceed as follows:

  • Visit the page by clicking on the following link: https://manage.roomiptv.com/add_playlist/.
  • Enter your MAC address in the β€œ  MAC ” field.
  • In the β€œURL” field, paste the m3u link that you receive by email after ordering an iptv subscription (perform identically to the image below).

Wait for a moment for the M3U link to load, while the following message appears: β€œ  Playlist added successfully ”.

Return to your Smart TV and restart the Room IPTV application (click on the blue), in case the channel list does not launch directly, restart your Smart TV and restart the application again.

manage room iptv


Best iptv subscription for room iptv

Are you looking for the best IPTV subscription for Room iptv in 2023 ? This article will guide you in choosing a good IPTV service provider and tell you the key things that will help you choose the right service.

With the strong proliferation of video service offerings in recent years, Internet protocol television, also known as IPTV , has established itself in several sectors of activity.

This has led to great innovation of IP-based services, all compiled in one place to provide you with a distinguished IPTV solution applied to various types of streaming business models in the market.

Factors to consider when choosing an iptv subscription

1. Check what they offer

The first thing to do when choosing a suitable IPTV provider is to look at the type of services they offer… Keep in mind that many providers will offer you loads of channels, but they mainly focus on providing quality chains…

2. Signal strength of streams

The quality of signal networks is one of the essential things that you need to ensure before opting for the best iptv subscription for Room IPTV. If the signal strength isn’t up to par, you may experience resolution and white noise issues.

3. Observe user reviews

The best way to know if IPTV services from France or other countries are beneficial is to look through user reviews and ratings . Ultimately, users give their opinions completely honestly, which helps highlight many important factors.

4. Internet Speed ​​and Buffer

Today we are in the modern era, with an unstoppable Generation X. We don’t want our channels to appear in minutes, but rather to be viewed in a trillion seconds!

Due to the advancements in online technologies, one must think about grabbing outlet providers who offer a buffer-free experience. It is obvious that platform services are not going to present themselves as slow speed services. This is why in-depth research will allow you to see things more clearly.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing an IPTV Provider

Choosing the perfect option among them may be a headache for you. There are many factors to consider before choosing an IPTV provider. Check out the list below, rate them and start looking for the best IPTV subscription for Smarters Pro.

  • Pricing and Payment Options – Some IPTV services only support Bitcoin as a payment option, which is not always possible for the majority of them.
  • Support for live TV channels
  • VPN Compatibility – You should never use an unverified IPTV service without connecting to a VPN.
  • Compatibility with external IPTV players
  • Customer Support
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG) support
  • Premium sports

Best IPTV Subscription for Room IPTV

CINETIFY – Best IPTV Experience

CINETIFY is one of the best IPTV services in the budget category. The service offers more than 75,000 HD channels from the United States, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Canada and more. These channels cover all possible categories like sports, entertainment, news, kids, etc. You can also enjoy an extensive video-on-demand library of over 65,000 ad-free movies and TV shows.

  • Supported devices: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and FireStick
  • Channels: Over 75,000 HD channels with bonus sports
  • Price: $6.99 per month
  • VPN Support: Works perfectly with ExpressVPN
  • M3U URL: Yes
  • VOD: Yes
  • Free trial: Yes (check this link to get your 24h test)
  • Payment: Paypal/credit card.


In conclusion, finding the best IPTV subscription for Smarters Pro may seem like a difficult task, but with the right research and analysis, it is possible to find a service that meets your entertainment needs. When looking for an IPTV subscription, it’s important to consider things like streaming quality, channel variety, customer service, and cost. By keeping these things in mind, you can find the ideal IPTV subscription for Smarters Pro that will allow you to enjoy a great home entertainment experience.

Cinetify is a worldwide IPTV subscription service provider with fast activation and no setup fees, covering all your day-to-day devices.

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