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IPTV LG: How to download and install Kodi on LG Smart TV

In this blog i will show you how to instal your iptv subscription to your IPTV LG Smart TV:

Kodi is an amazing player that allows you to stream media content to your device over the Internet. Basically, Kodi is an open-source media player that has a lot of features. From this application you can watch all kinds of multimedia content such as audio, video, images and TV shows in high quality. As it is a cross-platform application, it can be used on all kinds of platforms. Now we will install Kodi on LG Smart TVΒ because it is one of the best choices for streaming all multimedia contents. LG Smart TV is not an Android based TV, this smart TV was developed under Web OS. But you can download Kodi app by connecting Android stick or any other Android device to LG TV and install this app easily on your device. After connecting the device, download and install the app from Google Play Store.

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How to Install Kodi on LG Smart TV via Android TV Box

From the web OS, you cannot download Kodi directly to the TV. So you need to get the app through Android TV Box. Here we clearly explain the procedure to download and install Kodi on LG Smart TV. Follow the instructions given below to get the app on your device.


Step 1: Turn on the LG TV and connect to the Android TV Box.

Step 2: Launch Google Play Store on your TV.

install Kodi on LG Smart TV

Step 3: In the search box, enter Kodi and tap the search button to search for Kodi app on Android TV box.

install Kodi on LG Smart TV

Step 4: Select the official Kodi app from the search results.

Step 5: Press the Download button to download and install the app on LG smart TV.

Step 6: Once the application installation is complete. Launch the app on your TV and stream all media content by installing the respective add-ons.

Alternative Methods to Download Kodi on LG Smart TV

There are several methods to download and install Kodi on LG TV. Because you cannot install this application directly on the web operating system. So we have explained the installation method using external devices.

Kodi on LG Smart TV using Roku

As we said before, Kodi is a cross-platform application that can be used on any device. Using Roku stick we can download and install Kodi on your LG Smart TV.

Kodi on LG Smart TV using Chromecast

Chromecast is one of Google’s best casting devices. Using this device, you can download Kodi media player app from LG Smart TV. Here you can connect your device with Chromecast and download this app to your Smart TV.

Final Thoughts

To stream media content to your TV, Kodi is the best solution. By downloading the addon on your TV, you can watch movies and TV shows easily. Once you install this app on your LG Smart TV, you can start exploring different ways to stream media resources without any hassle.

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