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Unlock New Business Horizons! Become a Reseller and Partner with Us for an opportunity to make thousands of dollars. Join Our IPTV Reseller Program for Exclusive Benefits and Lucrative Opportunities. With over 75,000 channels, and unlimited VOD movies and series.

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Worldwide Channels

The best new shows from the biggest studios

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Stream IPTV Everywhere


Fiat pricing, no hidden fees.

5 Credits


5 Years = 60 Months

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10 Credits


10 Years = 120 Months

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20 Credits


20 Years = 240 Months

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30 Credits


30 Years = 360 Months

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Smart panel

The top smart panel existing in world of IPTV, with every option you may need

Secure server

The server is secured 100% from bad attacks and has no down for a long time

Updated List of Contents

With More than 75K TV show and 65K VOD, the latest content, Updating each day.

99% Uptime Servers

With the premium server, you and your customers will be happy and enjoying the matching adventures

Channels From Every Corner of the World!

Enjoy a wide variety of channels from around the globe, all organized and categorized for your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IPTV Reseller?

When you become IPTV reseller you get !PTV Panel to create and sell IPTV Subscription to your clients, through your IPTV Panel you can create 1 Month Subscriptions. 3 Months Subscriptions. 6 Months Subscriptions. 1 Year IPTV Subscriptions.

How does IPTV Panel work?
  • IPTV Resellers Panel works through something called Credit Points
  • Credit Points are used to activate the IPTV Subscriptions trough IPTV Panel.
How are credit points calculated?

In our Reseller Panel the Credit works are used as below:

  • 1 Month Subscription = 0.1 Credit Points.
  • 3 Months Subscription = 0.25 Credit Points.
  • 6 Months Subscription = 0.5 Credit Points.
  • 1 Year Subscription =1 Credit Points.
Advantages of becoming IPTV Reseller

At CINETIFY, we provide the best IPTV Resellers price, with a very easy-to-use IPTV Panel. In Addition, you don’t need any equipment to become IPTV Reseller, you can access your own panel and activate the IPTV subscriptions using your Smartphone or your Laptop. Working in IPTV Industry is very easy, flexible working whenever and wherever you want. Therefore, you don’t need to leave your current job.

Available payment methods?
  • Paypal
  • Credit Card
Which countries are present?

Netherlands, Belgium, France, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Spain, Malta, Portugal, Italy, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Arabic, India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Azerbaycan, Kurdistan, Africa, Afghanistan, Armenia, Exyu, Slovenia, Albania, Greece, Latino, Brazil, Caribbean, Suriname, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Finland, Czech, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Russia, Georgia, Kazakh, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam …

IPTV reselling prices restrictions

We don’t have any restrictions at all. As an IPTV Reseller you have full control over the prices that you charge your clients with.
Nowadays, there is huge demand on IPTV Service since it allows clients to watch Live TV Channels, Movies and TV Shows directly to any Smart Device using only Internet connection.

What if i can't use the panel or i don't have time to do it?

It’s easy we can create a panel and manage it for you FREE OF CHARGE (you will receive an email with all your details if you want to access to your panel in the future


Need more help or having more questions about our IPTV panel or how does it work? Our support service is available 24/7, all you have to do is contact us to answer any of your questions!

Trusted by 400+ resellers

best iptv provider
best iptv

Becoming a reseller was the best decision for my business. The support and tools provided helped me expand my customer base rapidly. Thank you for this opportunity!

Olivia Bennett

I've been a part of many reseller programs, but this one stands out. The commissions are generous, and the team provides excellent guidance. Proud to be a reseller here!

Ethan Carter

The IPTV reseller program has given my entrepreneurial journey a significant boost. The sales materials are top-notch, making it easy to attract clients. Great job!

Isabella Anderson

As a reseller, I appreciate the transparency and reliability of this program. The backend dashboard is intuitive, making it simple to manage clients. A reliable source of income!

Mason Edwards

The reseller support team goes above and beyond. Whenever I had questions or needed assistance, they were there to help. The sense of community among resellers is fantastic!

Ava Thompson

I was skeptical at first, but this reseller program exceeded my expectations. The training materials are comprehensive, and the commission structure is incredibly rewarding.

Liam Parker

Being a reseller here has allowed me to create a sustainable business. The flexibility to set my pricing and the continuous updates keep my customers satisfied. Truly grateful!

Sophia Mitchell

The marketing resources provided to resellers are incredibly valuable. From banners to promotional content, everything is professionally designed, making my job easier and more effective.

Noah Davis

I've been able to turn my passion for streaming into a profitable venture thanks to this reseller program. The prompt payouts and regular incentives keep me motivated. Highly recommended!

Amelia White

Joining this reseller program was a game-changer for my income. The simplicity of onboarding new clients and the ongoing support make it a stress-free and lucrative opportunity.

Lucas Johnson

Getting started is easy!

Choose Your Credits

Place your order by choosing your preferred credits period: 5, 10, 20, or 30 credits.

Get Your Account

You will get your panel account via email or Whatsapp with all details and infos within 1 hour

Start your IPTV Business

Connect your IPTV dashboard via username and password and strat selling it to your clients with your price.


Become a Reseller and Partner with Us for an opportunity to make thousands of dollars. Join Our IPTV Reseller Program for Exclusive Benefits and Lucrative Opportunities.

CINETIFY wants its customers to experience a revolutionary streaming service. Buy our IPTV subscription from Trusted WORLDWIDE IPTV provider. and join our 4.2K+ Active users.